June 2-19, 2017

  Borkhu and his favorite horse rest in the hills of Terelj during our longest day of riding

Mongolia is a vast nation with countless cultural, scenic, and biological points of interest in every corner, making it very difficult to focus a short trip. I dedicated the bulk of this one to a horse back camping trip into the mixed steppe/forest of the Terelj/Khan Khentii area north of Ulaan Baatar (a pre-planned itinery of Horseback Mongolia) supplemented with a custom tour into central Mongolia with View Mongolia to visit historical sites (somewhat lacking in the mountains) and steppe wildlife. I stayed with two herding families (definitely highlights), saw the ruins of four different steppe civilizations in addition to Bronze Age monuments and tombs, visited several Buddhist monasteries, and enjoyed the gracious company of my guides, driver, and horsemen. The trip log below is my journal, written as I went on my little tablet and tiny keyboard, not in any way edited for the enjoyment of anyone's read but my own Thus, it is full of details of interest to no one but myself, so please take it for what it is. I expect the photos, similarly plentiful, will be more enjoyable. In short, I could  not have been more delighted and impressed by Mongolia and its peole and recommend it with heartfelt enthusiasm!