Snettisham Construction Adventure

View from the homestead (toward Gilbert Bay), Ronquil and Alaskan at anchor
The following pages tell the story of the first four years of work on my wilderness lodge in Port Snettisham (2002-2005) and includes the trip reports that I have diligently written since (2006 and on). I've included journal entries where they're more interesting and enlightening, but mostly I've just summarized the events in chronological order, thrown in a few photos and attempted to record some of the flavor of the adventure. Many of my best photos are trapped in trip reports starting in 2006 (with the advent of a digital camera). Among the Snettisham trip reports are reports from other adventures in Southeast Alaska including trips to my family's cabin up the Taku River, fishing trips, whale watching, and boating camping adventures. The trip reports are organized by year.

This site was in part constucted as a log and in part because I'm intrigued by how our lives develop in unexpected ways. I enjoy reflecting on how I've arrived at the chaotic life that I now lead in the once-mysterious world of metal roofing, spark plugs, skill saws, and boat repair. Since this project began I've been transformed into someone who can build a deck or a shed with no help, trouble shoot my way out of boat problems on the fly, and develop a potable, running water system in the wilderness (things I'd never dreamed I could do until I stubbornly started this project). So this site is dedicated to our continuing ability to surprise ourselves, and to the people (friends and family) who helped along the way.