Snettisham 2023 - 2: RDK's 30th Anniversary Cabin Trip
May 21 - 24

Spring forest

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It appears I never wrote a trip report about this particular adventure! As it was entirely social in nature and quickly followed by preparations for opening the Taku, I'm not surprised. The trip was prompted in part by Kellee's return to Juneau last summer from which the idea of the three of us getting back together in Alaska was born. August will be 30 years since our first cabin trip together (to the Taku) in celebration of Kellee's 16th birthday, so we couched this as an anniversary trip. We had all clearly aged 30 years, but we had a good time imaging what our 16-year-old selves would have thought of us still hanging out in 30 years. I admit that I was a bit dazed, as it was just two weeks from our return from the UK and I'd spent the previous weekend opening Snettisham, and the others were similarly affected by their own lives. Adulting is hard! We chatted a lot, Rory cooked for us, both of them independently went for a kayak, and the weather and birds treated us quite favorably (including a warbling vireo who visited quite regularly). I did manage to get internet back up and running simply by restarting the modem, to my great relief. Given the earliness of the season and the lack of flexibility in travel plans (as Rory was flying up from Portland just for this trip), we borrowed the Kathy M, which much reduced the stress of the trip, at least for Cailey and I!

Heading out for adventure (photo by Rory's mom Robin)