Taku 2017 - 2: Preparation
  May 12-14

Spring slough

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Unfortunately, I didn't manage to take the time either during this trip or after to write a trip report. The weekend was dedicated to initial preparations for a group of 17 family members (including everyone then present except myself) that were meant to spend a weekend up there in June. My parents headed up early, followed by Mike and I Friday afternoon by a Ward Air amphib 206. Our main group tasks were assembling the floats in the water (pushing them into the river from staging them upriver, attaching the three groups together, rafting them downriver, securing them at the landing, and adding a walkway) and putting the engine on the riverboat (which we never pushed in the water). Beyond that we worked on a handful of other preparatory tasks. I cleaned the outhouse, raked the area behind the cabin from all the wood cutting debris, and restacked the wood and cleaned the back porch along with a handful of other tasks I don't remember. The others worked on making Alder habitable for Mike's family to occupy during the family weekend. The martin has been making good use of it, continuing to urinate and defecate on the floor, so they made an initial attempt to animal-proof it. We also found a large cluster of marten scat just outside the door onto the riverside top floor porch of the cabin. Chickadees kept flying in to visit a corner of one of the original upright posts on the front wall of Alder where it had been pecked away to reveal the beige wood underneath. Insects? I hope that does not bode poorly for the strength of those walls. The weekend went fast and all too soon we were picked up by helicopter for the flight to town.

Taku River at low tide