Snettisham 2016 - 6: Card Table
  August 21-24

Playing Norwegian cribbage

The day was bright, the forecast for partly cloudy skies and strong north winds. With the failure of August trips fresh in my mind, I took the cautionary approach and borrowed the Kathy M. We fueled up at Tesoro's, then sped south, my vague shame at taking the larger boat assuaged as we encountered heady swells and white caps coming round the back side of Douglas. In the Kathy M they were hardly more than gentle hills, but we'd have been wet and uneasy in the Ronquil, if we'd continued at all. I was concerned about the falling tide when we arrived, but it was still high enough to make offloading easy with little risk of grounding. Ezra held the boat off while I took a load up to the lodge and grabbed a kayak, leaving Cailey on shore while I anchored the boat. As I started the systems, the propane on the stove barely lit and then quickly went out, so I changed the tank and then showed Ezra around the property. It was already on in the evening, so we had a snack dinner, chatted, and then moved to the porch as the stars came out to watch the moon rise over the mountain across the inlet. We sat in lawn chairs on the edge of the deck, watching the glow from the moon for an impossibly long time before it finally peered over the alpine. We agreed it was waning gibbous. Fast moving, black and gray clouds swept around the moon, and I saw an endless parade of creatures and objects in the sky to Ezra's bafflement. As someone who rarely sees shapes in clouds, I was delighted. I was also delighted by the bat who flew across our vision periodically. He swept through the porch a few times, touching the window twice (I think), and a few times I thought he stopped flying while he was up there. Once, I was peering up in the dark with the crazy idea that he was resting under the eaves and a small splat confirmed it! The next day I found it on the lower deck, so he'd hung under the very outer edge of the overhang.

I was up early the next morning and headed to the lodge ahead of Ezra where he found me reading on the porch. He took a short walk to read and then we chatted a little and went for a walk at low tide, encountering some translucent and semi-translucent jellyfish along the way and some areas where eagles had torn up the sand for all their walking (or maybe other critters had). I was at first playfully alarmed at the boot tracks I encountered until I realized that they were Rory's tracks alongside mine from more than a month prior! I made quesadillas for lunch and then we set up a card table in the sunshine on the deck and played a board game he'd brought and then a round of Norwegian cribbage. The day was warm and wonderful; wrens bopped in the arbors made by bending ferns in the berry bushes and eagles and herons passed over the flats. I then cozied up on the couch inside for an hour, perhaps sleeping for 20 minutes of that, before walking to my cabin and then to the rocky point in the sunshine where I lingered for a bit. While there I found a large oval of scat (or a huge pellet?) primarily consisting of shells, with one good sized claw in it! On my way back, I encountered Ezra emerging from his cabin after a nap of his own. We then went for a short kayak in the evening.

Moon over the river

We walk the river at low tide

Small jelly

Bat scat!

Cailey hunts

View from the point

Scat with claw on the point

Spider and fly prey

That night I made chowder for dinner, which we ate outside on the card table on the upper deck. A spider was feasting on a fly in the middle of it! I unfortunately scared him off trying to determine if he was alive. Afterwards I tried to get online but failed, and for some reason was unwilling to let Ezra help me, despite his expertise in that area.

I slept in a little the next morning, coming over to the lodge around 9:00 and finding Ezra on the couch already. That day we took the Kathy M and cruised over to Fanny Island where we walked through the fox farm ruins and into the woods, a thoroughly wet endeavor, analyzing the many misshapen and leaning trees on the east side of the island and considering the different kinds of blueberries. When we got back, I made pasta for dinner which we ate on the upper deck outside again.

The next morning I had a cup of jasmine tea and we hung out until I agreed to have Ezra check the boat around 11:00 to see if it was floating (it was surrounded by water, but not clear whether it was aground or not) for a quick departure. By the time he was at the edge of the water I could see that it was beginning to tilt to one side. I did some cleaning chores while he was out, then we went for another walk upriver before finishing packing and heading out to the boat while it was still aground. The water was pleasant on the ride back; we ran out of gas at Sandy Beach and I put another five gallons in to make it to the harbor. The tachometer after that seemed to be malfunctioning, reading maximum rpms (over 7000) as we finished the ride, which could hardly have been accurate. Probably time to service the boat.

Kayaking in the afternoon