Islas de Revillagigedo
(Socorro Islands)
March 4-11, 2006

Narrative Trip Report

1. Introduction
2. Cabo (Whales and horses)
3. First Dive and the Boiler (Whale song and mantas)
4. Geronimo and the Birds (Debbie's booby)
5. Roca Partida (Wow)
6. Isla Socorro (Fusiles y delfines)
7. Humpback Whales (Snorkeling and reseach)
8. Final Dives (Blue water and Isla San Benedicto)

Peeking booby (feet and head) just below the surface

Photo Gallery

The following underwater photos were shot with a Sea & Sea MX10 with flash and assorted lenses.  Topside photos are digital, shot with a Fuji finepix S5200.
Click the thumbnails for enlargements and captions.  Each photo links with the next.

Diving in Juneau, Alaska
Diving in the Islas de Revillagigedos (Socorros) 2001
Diving in the Sea of Cortez (2001)
Diving in Bimini, Bahamas
Diving in the Sea of Cortez (2004)
Diving in Cay Sal, Bahamas
Diving in Bonaire