Cailey's Family

Below are photos of six of Cailey's seven littermates and their mother.  Three puppies I've met personally (Jeb, Lou, and Andi); photos of the other three littermates were pulled from petfinder's website (where the humane society lists dogs available for adoption).  For the latter photos, Chris wrote a clever program to find the pages long after the listings had been pulled.  Hopefully I'll be able to add to these photos (and update them) as I run into more littermate owners.

Andariel (Andi)

Lothario (Lou)

Andi and Lou as young pups


"Polaris" (Jacks)

"Celeste" (Cicara)

The images of Cailey that drew me in (the humane society's photos of "Tauri")

Jeb (this is the humane society's
photo of "Quasar," aka Mugen)

Their mother Relm with Andi's owner Rickie